The Magical Card Battle of Britain

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Deck of 36 cards (78 x 108mm) in a rigid box. Includes an 8-page instructions leaflet.

Fight your rivals with our motley crew of Britain’s most celebrated occultists, witches, scholars of magic and folk horror characters, and channel the power of ritual objects, visions and magical sites.

Crowley VS Murray.
Hutton VS Dee.
Frazerian Neighbours VS Black Magic Bikers.
Stonehenge VS the Wicker Man.

Every round is a clash between the titans of Britain’s history of magic, real or fictional. Who will win this magical card battle?

2 playing modes:
• Card Battle (plays like a classic Top Trumps game)
• Magic Families (plays like Happy Families)

Conceptualised, developed and written by Maria J. Pérez Cuervo. Art direction and illustrations by Nathaniel Hébert.