veiled image

The image of the veiled feminine figure— Isis, Artemis of Ephesus, Calypso— has haunted Western culture since Antiquity. The metaphor of the veil has come to represent various unknowns—the mystery of existence, the mystery of death, the secrets of Nature—, while its unveiling has been associated with the visionary experience and the revelation of spiritual truths.

Drawing from this powerful allegorical image, The Unveiling Issue explores the many instances in which the metaphor of lifting the veil has been used throughout history. We’re particularly interested in pieces exploring Otto’s concept of the numinous, psychoanalysis and the unconscious, mythical narratives, allegory and symbolism in art, psychedelia and entheogens, phantasmagoria, optical illusions, and the dialectics of truth and illusion.




We’re looking for well-researched non-fiction pieces (approx. 2000 words) with an academic flair, directed at a popular audience, on the theme of Unveiling as described above. It’s important that your piece preserves the mystery and enchantment of the themes we’re dealing with. If you’re unsure about the tone, please refer to our previous issues.

We love:

-Articles about weird history, folklore, archaeology, or beliefs which have influenced or directly feature in folk horror and occult fiction.

-Cultural history of folk horror and occult fiction.

-Psychogeography of remote corners of the UK, rooted in history and folklore, with references to the themes that drive the issue.

We’re NOT looking for:

-Film, book, music, or videogame reviews.

-Pieces that discuss why a film, book, or cultural product are/aren’t folk horror.

-Your personal experiences of magic, folklore, or the occult.

-Poetry or fiction.

-Art or illustrations

HELLEBORE is a love letter to the British landscape and the beliefs it inspires. We’re interested in how beliefs from other cultures may have influenced British culture and in post-colonial perspectives, but ultimately we remain focused on Britain.



Send us a short pitch, including your references and sources, a short bio, and links to your published work, to helleborezine(at)gmail(dot)com, with UNVEILING WRITING as the subject, before June 6th.

We’re a very (very) small team, so please understand that we can’t provide individual feedback. If we’re interested in publishing your piece, we’ll contact you by June 9th. If you haven’t heard from us by then, please understand your submission hasn’t been successful this time. All contributors are paid. Articles will be due by July 18th.